Mandee Ross

Life is all about choices . . .

We grow up, graduate college, start a career, get married, have children, buy a home and new cars, have the latest styles in our closet and gadgets in our home. Why? Because this is living the American Dream. This is what we’re supposed to want for ourselves.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is we never stopped to ask “What do I want?” We’ve been doing everything we were “supposed” to do and never gave ourselves permission to pursue our wants and desires.

And now we’ve gone through one of the most life changing events of our life.

The Big “D”

Yes, that is Divorce.

How do you go from living the “American Dream” – with the husband, 2.5 children, and idyllic suburban life - to having nothing, no dreams, no family? You find yourself just surviving day to day and struggling to figure out what’s next.

Can you ever know how to:

  • Make wise choices after making one of the biggest mistakes of your life?
  • Recover from the pain of the loss – loss of spouse, loss of role, loss of the life you knew?
  • Ensure your kids will grow into healthy adults?
  • Trust yourself to make another major (or minor) life decision?
  • Know you’ll choose the right life partner next time?  
  • Rebuild your self-confidence to move forward in peace?
  • Just be you again and smile for no reason at all?

Life is all about choices – learn to trust yourself again and see how your new choices can lead to your ideal dream life.

Define Your DREAM LIFE..

Divorce Recovery Expert